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Metal Spinning Machine

Capacity of Metal Spinning Machine

Since its establishment in 1981, Bansuk STC has continuously been conducting research on new Metal spinning technologies and eventually in 1984, developed and installed First Metal Spinning Machine by own proprietary technology. Even still, most Asian manufacturers use the old technologies based on press forming with molded pattern for making expansion joint and relevant products with thick wall plate.

Instead, Bansuk STC uses only the Metal Spinning Machine, not using molded pattern, but manufactures various shapes by Cold Metal Spinning Technology, that is, using two Spinning Rollers controlled by Hydraulic Pressure to the Parts rotating on Turn Table. This technology makes the lead time remarkably short and eliminates many restriction of shape design with high quality and very low cost.

Currently, we have 4 standard Metal Spinning Machines of different capacity and ready to supply the Metal Spinning Machine and Technology upon request.

Standard Model / Max Capacity
● BSM12 : T12 × D3.0m × H1.2m
● BSM25 : T25 × D5.0m × H1.5m
● BSM36 : T36 × D8.0m × H2.0m
● BSM50 : T50 × D10.0m × H2.5m

T : Max spinning thickness in millimeters
D : Max spinning outer diameter
H : Max spinning height

Metal Spinning Machine Application

Spinning Machine Spinning Machine
BSM12 : T12 x D3.0m x H1.2m BSM25 : T25 x D5.0m x H1.5m
Spinning Machine Spinning Machine
BSM36 : T36 x D8.0m x H2.0m BSM50 : T50 x D10.0m x H2.5m

The Actual Export Record

    ● Oct. 2010 India (Turbo Vent) / T36 x D3.5m x H1.8m

    ● Oct. 2013 Netherlands (Damen Marine) / T36 x D7.0m x H2.0m

    ● Aug. 2015 Netherlands (Damen Marine) / T36 x D7.0m x H2.0m

    ● Dec. 2016 Japan (Niigata Shipbuilding and Repair inc.) / T28 x D3.5m x H1.8m

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